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The Team   

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Each individual at THEpostWORKS brings something unique to the team adding up to a plethora of skills which far outweighs expectations:

  • Bob Blasdall, CEO & Senior Editor
  • Penny Wall, CEO & Produce

    To find out what is keeping us busy at the moment visit Current Projects.





      Bob Blasdall
      CEO & Senior Editor

    With over forty years experience in the film and television industry, Bob has worked on over 300 documentaries and drama productions in the roles of editor, director and producer.

    When Bob's not editing he likes to polish his many trophies such as the Australian Cinematographer's Society Edwin Scragg award, Queensland New Filmmakers Kinetone Award (the inaugural recipient) and his fishing club's Heaviest Flathead award (A grade).

    For such a small short man Bob makes up for his vertically challenged inadequacies with a big heart and generous personality. Whether it's engaging in a game of hallway cricket or telling politically incorrect jokes, Bob will figure out a way to make visitor's feel right at home.

    Did you know?

    Along with Ron Johanson, John Stokes, Brendan Williams, Andrew Conder and Tony Luu, Bob is a member of film industry cult group "The Mangravies".  Their premiere performance at the Qld and NT ACS awards brought the house down (not). 

    Check out the clip on Youtube.



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    > Did you know?
       Bob was inducted into
       the Brisbane Art
       & Design Club
       Hall of Fame in 1995.

    > Did you know?
       Penny was given the
       highest award from
       the ACS in 2002.

    Penny Wall    
      CEO & Producer      

    If Bob is the heart of THEpostWORKS, that would make Penny the brains.

    Penny has the unenviable task of trying to control not only her partner Bob, but his motley crew of editors.

    With business partner Richard Stewart, Penny runs the film and television production company Stewart & Wall Entertainment.
    When Penny is not attending film markets at Cannes, Gold Coast, London or Los Angeles she can be spotted at arts related functions in Brisbane.

    Penny has just completed the feature film Acolytes and is currently in production on an international television series: K9.


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